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We specialize in advising public and private organizations about Biosafety, Certified Health Security Protocols (Covid19), as well as COVID-19 measures and guidelines for international travelers.



About MedConcierge

As a Consulting Company, we specialize in advising public and private organizations about Biosafety, Certified Health Security Protocols (Covid19), as well as COVID-19 measures and guidelines for international travelers. We are health professionals dedicated to Health and Wellness Tourism in the USA. We also offer professional innovative services to large-scale commercial companies that have the objective of providing well-being and healthy guidelines to customers and employees (marketing with healthy content). We commercialize Health and Life Insurance through strategic partners, providing clients the most complete and select range of International Health Insurance, Professional Disability Insurance and Travel Insurance. We also work with health professionals from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay.



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    We specialize in advising and connecting public and private organizations in Biosafety, Health Tourism, International Health and Life Insurance, Travel and Disability, Preventive Medicine and Health. We provide wellness advice and the latest advances in preventive medicine.

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    Personal assistant service. Obtain a wide range of certified international health care services, access to new health information, medical advice and support at all times.

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    Hospital Biosafety and Environmental Health Unit. Innovative comprehensive cleaning, hygiene and disinfection service. The best human resources and state-of-the-art technology that allows us to eliminate germs more safely and quickly.

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    We carry out medical audits at a global level, anywhere in the world, with a specially trained “Visiting Doctor”, who verifies the real situation of the patient or family member and informing the client via email within 24 hours.

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    Distribution of Medical Supplies and Equipment

    We receive requests and inquiries from anywhere in the world. We provide medicine, supplies and medical equipment. Enjoy direct access to genetic testing to rule out diseases such as cancer from the comfort of your home We also provide all kinds of supplies related to COVID19 from South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Israel and China to different countries in Latin America.

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    MedConcierge FAMILIES

    Independent monitoring and evaluation program for older adults. It is a system of monthly visits to your place of residence through a membership.


For the well-being of our older adults. We have created a new and innovative care experience that combines the highest level of professionalism and service: "Environmental Audit of Hygiene, Comfort and Well-being" for our seniors. It is a monthly prepaid membership service.

MedConcierge Familias allows you to do a comprehensive assessment and follow-up on older adults in your family who are not living under the same roof.

A medical team makes a periodic evaluation of the family's well-being, safety, comfort and hygiene, as well as the environment. At the same time, direct "face-to-face" communication is carried out with the family member living in the interior or exterior of the country via online teleconference. A monthly report will be sent, in writing, via email, where the general situation of the relative is explained. Likewise, close contact will be maintained between our professionals and the general practitioner and / or specialists treating the patient.


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