Independent monitoring and evaluation program

for older adults.

Wellness assessment program







Our Services

MedConcierge Travel

We provide assistance to travelers in the USA, private consultations with doctors and specialists in the best reference centers, second medical opinion, preventive health check, companion service in Hospital, Hotel, or home. We advise and certify travelers on immunizations (Covid19 vaccine and PCR), in Uruguay (Montevideo and Punta del Este).

International Medical Audit

We carry out medical audits at a global level, anywhere in the world, with a specially trained “Visiting Doctor”, verifying in situ the real situation of the patient or family member and informing the service contractor within a period of no more than 24 hours via email.

Distribution of Supplies and Medical Equipment

We receive requests and inquiries from anywhere in the world, we provide medicines, supplies for the Covid 19 pandemic such as gloves, masks, alcohol gel, PCR Test and Rapid Test Covid 19, respirators and personal protective equipment as well as medical equipment.

Genetic Test

We also offer direct access from your home to genetic testing to rule out diseases such as cancer. It includes BRCA 1 and 2. It is a 30-gene test through which we can detect cancer at such an early stage that it can be treated early, which provides a very beneficial prognosis.

International Medical Consulting

For healthier Companies and Organizations. We specialize in advising governments, companies, Health Tourism, International Health, Life and Travel Insurance. We take care of providing wellness and the latest advances in preventive medicine.

Second Medical Opinion

In a single consultation, you can access a panel of top-level medical specialists, specialized in Oncology, Orthopedics and Neuroscience / Neurosurgery, as well as other specialties.

MedConcierge Families

Image by Renate Vanaga

MedConcierge Families

Supervision and care service for older adults living in countries of origin, from whom the service is requested.
Through membership, a medical team visits and assesses, from a medical point of view, the physical, emotional and mental condition of the family member.
At the same time, direct "face-to-face" communication is carried out with the family member living abroad via online teleconference.